Qur'an Memorization Semesters - Fall 2021

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Sisters and Brothers

Thank you for your interest in this valuable program.

The program designed and executed in partnership between Yaseen Foundation and Alqarawiyeen Schools. In-person teacher is Dr Ibrahim Alareqi (holds Recitation Ijazah)

Based on current demand per the pre-registration survey we created three classes:

The Fall Semester (September 4th to December 21st 2021) will run two sessions each week. One in-person session and one zoom session as follows:

In-person sessions every Saturday starting 9/4/2021            
10a-11a for level 1 (6-8 years old)            
11a-12a for level 2 (9-15 years old)            
12a-1p for level 3 (21+ years old)

Zoom sessions students will be allocated to one of the following slots based on level and kind of help they need middle of the week to revise what they learned in the in-person session
Tuesdays 8p-9p for level 1 (6-8 years old)            
Thursdays 8p-9p for level 2 (9-15 years old)            
Thursdays 9p-10p for level 3 (21+ years old)

Tuition are $300 for the entire semester (roughly comes to $8 per class).

Students are expected to have passed a test of proper Quran pronunciation. If you can't pass you still can register and indicate that you need help with pronunciation; InShaAllah we will find a solution for you.

The button below will take you to the application and once you submit you will be directed to follow a payment link.  If for any reason you miss up, you can come back to this page and make payment from here.