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  2. Location and Inventory
  3. Purchase | Future Burial
  4. Purchase | Immediate Burial
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With the rahma of Allah (SWT), we are now offering burial plots (قبر ) for interment at Yaseen Garden at Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, off Highway 92 at Skyline Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94402 and Funeral Home services (  غسل ) with Crippen And Flynn Chapels including all transportation, washing ( غسل ), burial shroud ( كفن ), janaza prayer ( صلاة الجنازة ) and burial ( دفن ).
“Yaseen Garden Meditation West” plot area is a special area of the cemetery bought and owned by Yaseen Foundation set aside for Muslim burials.
Please contact Mohsin Beg or Ezzeldin (Dean) Abualhasan at  | (650) 200-8582 if you have any questions.

Location and Inventory

plot area
Plot Area
Meditation West Location
satelite location image

Purchase | Future Burial

Step 1: Contact Mohsin Beg or Ezzeldin (Dean) Abualhasan via| (650) 200-8582  for details or to schedule an in person meeting

Step 2
: Once you’ve decided to purchase the plot(s), schedule a meeting with us and bringa check in the total amount due andcopy of signed Interment Rights Agreement Contract.

Step 3: Identify the plot locations of your preference. We will confirm the allocation for your contract in our in-person meeting.

Step 4: After your payment is fully processed, a signed pdf copy of Interment Rights Agreement Contract will be emailed to you. You should should keep this contract with your Wills and Trust documentation and/or with your survivor(s) so it can provided it to Yaseen Foundation when needed.

Step 5: Optionally contact us for Ghusul and Transporation if and when there is a loss in your family, if not bought as part of your contract.

Purchase | Immediate Burial

When you contact us we will explain the process guide you through all required paper work and scheduling. It is required that you must have Power of Attorney over the deceased and be available 24x7 during the process.
Step 1: Contact Mohsin Beg or Ezzeldin (Dean) Abualhasan via  (650) 200-8582 any time 24 x 7. In according with Hadith and Sharia, burial should be done within 48 hours of death. Family, relatives or friends who wish to participate in ghusul, janazah and dafan MUST be present within that timeframe.

Step 2
: We will then contact Crippen and Flynn to start the transportation process. You will need to complete and sign their necessary legal and release documents with them. To start the transportation process you must also provide the deceased’sLegal NameDate of BirthSocial Security NumberLocationWeight

Step 3: Crippen and Flynn may require you to remain at the Location until the deceased is picked up. You will need to coordinate with them directly on this after our introduction.

Step 4.1: You will meet Yaseen Garden same day or next day and bringbring a check in the total amount due andsigned Interment Rights Agreement Contract.
Step 4.2: We will coordinate a time for you to meet Skylawn representative and sign necessary documents for burial, including paying any weekend/overtime costs associated with burial (e.g. holiday or long weekends)Without this in-person meeting with Skylawn we CANNOT do BURIAL or GHUSUL or confirm JANAZAH scheduleYou must have Power of Attorney when meeting Skylawn.

Step 5: Yaseen Garden will confirm Ghusul, typically for 11am on the same day at burial.

Step 6: Crippen and Flynn will transport the deceased to the Belmont Masjid (or Belmont Sports Complex if Friday) for salat-ul-janazah, typically 1pm.

Step 7: Crippen and Flynn will transport the deceased to Skylawn Memorial Park for burial, typically scheduled for 2pmIf the death occurred over the weekend, contact the doctor or hospital to determine if the hospital can store the body and contact us immediately. Please note that a death certificate must be obtained prior to burial from the County office. Most County offices are open only during weekdays and for a few hours on Saturday. In the event of death on weekend, the burial may have to wait until Monday afternoon.

Note : It typically takes about 6 hours to make all the arrangements at a minimum (obtain death certificate, open the grave, arrange the transportation). As suchthe arrangements will be typically made for burial the next day. Yaseen Foundation also offers financial help to families who’ve lost loved ones and are having financial difficulties covering the costs. If your family finds itself in that situation, please lets us know in confidence


Yaseen Foundation 501(c)(3) non-profit and offers all these services at cost to Muslims.

Note: There are additional Skylawn Memorial Park costs for weekend. holiday and after hours burials. Those are typically between $500 to $1,900

Item Cost Per Person
Immediate Burial $6,912.00 (with Headstone/Memorial Marker)
Future Burial Full Payment $6,912.00 (with Headstone/Memorial Marker)
$6,012.00 (without Headstone/Memorial Marker)
Future Burial Payment Plan
Down Payment: $1,332.06
Monthly Payments : $202.91 x 30 months (with Headstone/Memorial Marker)
Monthly Payments : $172.01 x 30 months (without Headstone/Memorial Marker)
Funeral Services and Transportation via Crippen and Flynn (Optional) $2,200 per person
Setup Monthly Payments (with headstone)Setup Monthly Payments (without headstone)

Contract Documents

Funeral Home Services (Crippen And Flynn) Yaseen Garden (Skylawn Memorial Park)Internet Rights AgreementThe Probate Process