Yaseen Foundation is the Muslim community association of San Francisco Peninsula area (California). It was founded in 1999.  Yaseen extends its services to the Muslim community as well as the larger non-Muslim community of the Peninsula.

Our motto: "Working together to build a better future for our children!".

Our Services and Programs

Yaseen offers an integral suite of services over three categories:

Yaseen Youth Center  

It is a semi independent institution that focuses on Youth professional development, activism & recreation. Programs include:

  • Social justice training and causes support workshops
  • Civil liberties training and causes support workshops
  • Media production and Journalism training workshops
  • Youth skills development: Robotics, Arts & Crafts, DIY projects
  • Sports and exercise

Social services

  • Food distribution in partnership with 2nd Food Harvest Bank and Support Life.
  • 80% of the beneficiaries are not Muslims.
  • Financial assistance for needy families through our Zakat program where we pay for rent or cash for food and medical needs.
  • Space for community and family celebrations
  • Counseling

Recreational services 

  • Women exercise programs
  • Youth sport clubs -- through Yaseen Youth Center

Islamic services and education

  • Prayers, Ramadan (prayers, iftar), Nikah contracts, Quran contest, and community lectures.
  • Yaseen Qur'an Academy focused on Qur'an memorization and sciences.
  • Al-Iman school is a weekend Islamic education for young children. 
  • Yaseen Garden is a section of burial plots Yaseen purchased from Skylawn memorial park. Yaseen offers hassle free full Ghussul, Burial service and Condolence receptions at cost.


Yaseen Foundation is managed through a five officers Executive Committee elected by Yaseen official members for two years term, a five member board of trustees elected by Yaseen official members for years term and a Shura Council with an Ameer selected by the two other boards and membership of two other members selected by the ameer "community Leader" for a five year term.

The Executive Committee is Responsible for operating the organization, evolve it is vision and strategy to achieve the vision. The executive committee is responsible for everything not under the responsibility of the board of trustees or Shura Council.

Main contact: ec@yaseen.org

Current officers are:

  • Dr. Ramy Salah: President
  • Br. Ezzeldin Abualhasan: Vice President
  • Sr. Maya Fallaha:  Public Relations
  • Dr. Muhammad  Baluom: Treasure
  • Br. Noureddin Bakir: General Secretary

The Board of Trustees responsibility is limited to maintaining that community properties are preserved for community benefit and audit the Executive committee accounting.

Main contact: bt@yaseen.org

Current board members are:

  • Dr. Khaled Sarsour: Chairman
  • Br. Ahmad Naser: Secretary
  • Br. Ibrahim Reyhanoglu: Treasure
  • Sr. Nazneen Ashroff: Trustee
  • Br. Kamal Fallaha: Trustee

The Shura Council resolves conflicts across Yaseen bodies, shura council interpretations of the constitution are final, ensure that elections are held on time, and resolves religious ruling for the organization business (not for the members or community at large).

Main contact: sc@yaseen.org

Current councilors are:

  • Ali Shehadeh: Amir "Community Leader"
  • Dr. Gomaa Abdelsadek: member
  • Ziyad Dahbour: member


Yaseen Belmont Masjid

621 Masonic Way, Belmont, CA

Yaseen Burlingame Center

1722 Gilbreth Rd, Burlingame, CA

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