Contact Us and Stay Connected

Contact Us channels

These are channels to reach us when you need us. We will be there for you. If you want to stay connected, please go to the Stay Connected channels after this section.

Funeral Services Including Yaseen Garden

see Funeral Services page for contacts

Condolence Receptions booking arrangements

see Condolences page for contacts

Private event booking arrangements

Email Private Events

Donation receipts and end of year tax statements

Email Treasurer

Volunteer and Job Opportunities

Email Volunteers and Employment

To contact the Executive Committee

Email Executive Committee

For all other matters that require quick responses

Message through Facebook

Stay Connected channels

Please choose the Convenient ways (all or some) to stay connected with Yaseen Foundation. Please note that Official communication is separate from program and event updates.

Official Contacts

Provide your contact information

Keeping your contacts up to date and complete ensures that you receive donation receipts, membership renewal notices, member general body invites and other official communication only. You won't get program and event updates if you don't subscribe to one of the following channels.

Yaseen Community WhatsApp Group

Scan QR code to add yourself to WhatsApp group

Very good for messages sent to you as opposed to Facebook where you need to look at your page or rely on notifications.

In addition WhatsApp group is suitable for last minute messages such as changes to funeral arrangements

Yaseen Community EMail

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Subscribe to Community Emails

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If you like not to miss updates and like to read them at your leisure OR you are not a fan of WhatsApp or Facebook then this is a very good channel to subscribe to. We avoid sending these more than once a week and we don't send them if not necessary. You can always unsubscribe through any of the emails you receive.

Please note that event and program announcements typically go on this channel first unless the issue is time sensitive then it goes on other channels and may never make it on this channel.

Yaseen Foundation Facebook page

Click the button and then Like/Follow our page

Yaseen Foundation's Facebook page is a great way to stay connected. Especially if you are facing media overload.

Please help promote Yaseen Foundation events and programs by liking, commenting and sharing our page and posts.