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This Form is for Yaseen Foundation New Membership and Membership Renewal.

About Membership


Yaseen Foundation's Constitution

A member is a contributing person who abides by Yaseen Foundation's Constitution, abides by Foundation bylaws and pays membership dues on time. A member shall testify in the basic beliefs of Islamic faith specifically: Belief in Allah (SWT), belief in Muhammad (SAW) as his servant and the last messenger, belief in the Books of Allah (SWT), belief in the Angels, belief in the Day of Judgement and belief in Qadha and Qadr. There are two categories of memberships:

Resident Member

a) Must be at least 16 years old.
b) Must be a resident of San Francisco Bay Area.
c) Must pay the membership dues set by the Executive Committee.

Honorary Member

a) Must pay the membership dues set by the Executive Committee.

Membership Benefits

Membership is the corner stone for the credibility of our organization. Most important is that a healthy membership is the key guarantee that the organization continues to fulfill it's mission, maintain correct adherence to moderate Islam, that alone makes membership an obligation on all community members.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fulfill their obligation to preserve the character of our organization for the benefit of our community for many generations to come.
  • Nominate and elect organization board members after passing of 3 months on becoming a member
  • Be nominated and elected to office after passing of 1 year on becoming a member.
  • Participate in general body meetings and participate in voting on issues the Executive Committee deems significant enough to call for all members to vote.
  • Priority in oversubscribed programs
  • Receive discounts on some of Yaseen programs and some of which are Free for members only (e.g. rent free condolence receptions, and private events rent at YBC; subject to some limits)

Membership Application

This is membership for the current Hijra Year, all memberships expire on 1st day of new Hijra year. Currently this covers Hijra year 1444 with a start corresponding to 7/31/2022, for one year this is expected to end on 7/18/2023. You can renew for one or two years at any time.

Please note that each member must have a unique mobile phone and email address, else the form will override prior record for same email. You can change your email, but don't use same email and mobile phone number for more than one family member.