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Thank you for considering us for your donations!

We strive to keep your trust every day. Since its inception in 1999 Yaseen Foundation held the trust of individuals and corporate donors. We are registered in the State of California with 501(3)c federal tax exemption status EIN 91-2020277.

Donate to a Fund

Before making a donation please consider becoming a Sustainer! In addition multiply the impact and value of your donations by considering Corporate Matching! For great tax savings also consider Stocks Gifting!

Please note, Credit Cards aren't suitable for smaller than $5 payments. For example $1 payment fee is 52 cents. So instead of donating $1 a day please consider donating $30 a month the fee will be $1.11

If you want to make a payment for a tuition or a sale then use this link toMake a Payment

Become a Sustainer

قال الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم ( أحب الأعمال إلى الله أدومها وإن قل) أخرجه البخاري في صحيحة
The Prophet (PBUH) said (in the meaning of Hadith): The most beloved good deeds to Allah (SW) are the most sustained.

What is a Sustainer?

A donor who pledges monthly recurring contributions to the Operations fund. A simple income based formula to determine fair obligation to your local Masjid is to pay 1% of your monthly gross income in monthly contributions. For example a $10K gross monthly income translates to $10K x 1% = $100 a month. Any amount will make a difference. Following are three levels of Individual and Business Sustainers:



$50+ monthly

Comes to a cup of coffee a day


$100+ monthly

Less than a single family water bill


$200+ monthly

Less than a family mobile phone service



$150+ monthly

Comes to $5 a day


$250+ monthly

Less than a small business water bill


$500+ monthly

Less than a small business electrical bill

Why is a Sustainer super important to Yaseen?

  • Sustain the organization without continuous fundraising
  • Enable the organization to overcome challenging periods like COVID-19 pendamic
  • Reliable funding levels provide confidence to hire much needed staff to deliver on our potential

Benefits to Sustainer

  • Comply with the guidance of our Prophet (PBUH) when he said: the most beloved good deeds to Allah (SW) are the most sustained. When you forget your monthly contribution, the Angles are adding it up for you!
  • Private Event YBC rental discount 10%, 15% and 25% respectively (to monthly level) - discount applies 100% after being a sustainer 10 months and a portion of, if less than 10 months
  • An extra rental-free one hour extension to condolence houses at the YBC
  • Priority in select programs when space is limited



Corporate Matching

What is Corporate Matching?

Many businesses allocate generous funds to support the general good of communities around the nation. A good portion of these funds is offered to match their employee's gifts to approved charities.

Benevity is one of the largest facilitators of Corporate Matching. It acts on behalf of businesses to process employee giving and matching funds.

Yaseen Foundation is an approved charity with Benevity. Employees can give to Yaseen Foundation by choosing it from their employer specific website. You can use Benevity for one-time and recurring giving to Yaseen and your gift is matched to the extent allowed by your employer.

Benevity provides businesses with a specific website for their employees charitable giving with automatic corporate matching. Please check with your employer of the specific website and corporate matching provider. For ABC company, the typical Benevity website is abc.benevity.org.

If your employer doesn't use Benevity, please notify us on our Facebook page and we will work with you to get Yaseen Foundation approved.

Give Stocks

Why Give Stocks?

Gifting your stocks and other securities to Yaseen Foundation allows you to claim tax deductions on the full value of the gift  and you avoid paying income taxes on the appreciation*.

How to Give Stocks?

Stock gifts can be directed to Yaseen Foundation E*Trade Account No. 6598-9123, DTC Number Is 0385. The process varies depending on your securities broker firm. For example Fidelity requires filling a form and having a Medallion verified signature, typically done at your bank. Others may accept a notarized letter. Please check with your broker.

How is my Gift used?

Before or after making a gift please contact us to designate how you want the gift to be used. If you don't contact us we automatically use it where it is most needed, including a long term reserve fund.

Please contact us when making a gift so that we issue you a receipt.

Questions? Contact ahmad.naser@yaseen.org Or message Yaseen Foundation on our Facebook page.

* Every person's tax situation may be different. We don't give tax advice here, please consult with your tax adviser.

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