Ramadan 1443 - 2022

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Iftar

An Iftar costs $20 on average. We intend to feed up to 100 ($2000) daily and up to 300 ($6000) on community iftar nights - a couple in the month.  

* If we are short on Iftar sponsorships we will cover the balance from Operations Fund and if we have excess it will be used for other Ramadan expenses and general operations

Sponsor Ramadan Iftars

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Ramadan Iftar Guidelines / Etiquette

Reserve your Iftar meal, here. Future dates will be published as soon as possible, please come back to make additional reservations. Read the guidelines above, choose the day, click Reserve Iftar button.

One meal (meat or veggie) limit per one person please.

Reservations will stay open today Monday until we run out of tickets and from Tuesday 4/5/2022 RESERVATIONS CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT THE DAY BEFORE.

Please watch for additional days posted soon. You can reserve as many days in advance as many days are shown.