Muslim Maker Expo - 2021

Asslamu Alaykum

Yaseen Foundation is very pleased to support our communits Youth Sr. Saba Tauqir & Br. Jaanisar Khan with their Muslim Maker Expo. The Expo will showcase the many talented Bay Area Muslim Makers and their products, services, and ideas at the Muslim Makers Expo! Vendors need to register. Attendees can RVSP below

‍This event is specifically tailored for Muslim-owned small businesses that don't already have a platform. We're looking for businesses that offer:

Homemade Products such as crafts, gifts, decorations, and other unique items

Technical Services such as designers, career coaches, consultants, engineers, etc.

Event Services such as decor rental and dessert catering

This event is not really for businesses that:- Resell imported items- Operate food trucks/restaurants- Perform services at this event (mehndi, make-up, etc.)Share this event with your friends—vendors and attendees!

Jazakum Allah khair for helping us make this event a success.