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Brough to you in partnership with Alqarawiyyeen Schools

Unfortunately the Summer Sessions Are Cancelled Due to Limited Enrollment. We are looking at other programs for Summer.

There are two summer sessions: 
First Session: June 3 to July 15th 
Second Session: July 22 to August 31st
In-person: Saturdays for one hour between 9 am and 2 pm.
Online: Weekday evening for one hour between 6 pm and 10 pm. 
Exact times will be determined after level testing.

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About Yaseen Quran Academy

Is a Quran sciences after school program that offers community members ages 6-30 the opportunity to memorize, read, understand and practice commandments of the Quran. This is a necessary service for parents who want to fulfill their Islamic duties to their children and hence insure that their children will be grounded in their faith and pass the torch to future generations. This is also a vital opportunity for young adults getting grounded in the sciences of the Quran for their own reward but also so that they are ready to raise and teach their children.

Classes are offered on semester basis similar to a college system. Like the college system students can skip to their level and can move slower or faster on individual basis. There is one important difference from the college system; Quran sciences require lifelong retention and hence students are expected to re-enroll in the same class until perfection. Class is kept to below 10 for all ages with younger ages limited to 7 participants per class. We partner with Alqarawiyyeen Schools to deliver the classes by experienced teachers.

Fall 2021 was the Quran Academy first semester where the offering included Quran Memorization classes for three age groups: 6-8, 9-15 and 16-30. For Spring 2022 we added a division for Quranic Arabic to enable students to read the Quran. Reading makes it easier to memorize and retain the Quran over lifetime - among other benefits.

The Quranic Arabic is suitable for people of all ethnic backgrounds. For those who are interested in learning classical Arabic as a second language, we encourage them to join the Alqarawiyyeen Schools online classes until we start the Yaseen Languages Academy.

For any questions, please contact us atYaseen Facebook Pageor email us at care@yaseen.org

Quran Academy Tuition Policy: to keep classes affordable Yaseen Foundation subsidizes tuitions. For families who can't afford the tuition we provide scholarships. If you can't afford tuitions, please indicate so on the registration form

If you are seeking a Sadaqa Jariah please donate to Quran Academy


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When a program is full, please join the waiting list. If one drops, you get priority, Also the demand help us plan including opening additional sessions

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